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[Company Introduction]

Mountain Valley Farm Co.

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*Way to go (Goal) for Mountain Valley Farm Co.

   - Contribute to the growth of local agriculture industry and environment
     friendly agriculture,
   - With manufacturing of the best bio-products.

   Total 18 products including 5 bellflower related products, 2 snacks &cookies, 6 farm products.

*Major Product Profile

- Bellflower Root Syrup(1302 19) 
* Product produced with bellflower roots grown for over 3 years for best effect containing     abundant saponin from local Korean soil with environment friendly farming. 
* Product manufactured through the refining process(washing→cutting→ drying),  extraction
  for 24 hours and concentration for 35 hours. 
* Product size : 210g×30 bottles/box, 150g×40 bottles/box

- Pear Bellflower Root Syrup(2106 90) 
* Product manufactured with 25% of bellflower root syrup, 65% of Korean pear grown with non-pesticide farming  and 10% of Korean honey as mixed.
* Product size : 230g×30 bottles/box, 150g×40 bottles/box

- Bellflower Root Pill(2106 90)
* Product manufactured with 20% of bellflower root syrup, 70% of bellflower root powder,
  7% of Atractylodis Rhizoma Alba extract and 3% of licorice root as mixed.
 * Product size : 180g×40 bottles/box

- Pear Bellflower Root Syrup/Stick(2106 90) 
65% of Korean pear grown with non-pesticide farming and 10% of Korean honey as mixed.
  * Product size : 10gx15Tubes/Box

- Bellflower root syrup, Pear bellflower root syrup, Bellflower root pill and Pear bellflower root syrup(stick) are and demonstrate:
*  Excellent effect in curing bronchus system diseases and respiratory organ related
     diseases (cold, acute &chronic coughs, asthma &etc.) / Response from consumers on
     products manufactured and sold by Mountain Valley Farm Co. for past 10 years.
*  Highly meaningful effect proved improving the immunity of human body and
      curing  prostate related diseases, according to a recent research thesis.
 * Used effectively by those (teachers, instructors) who immoderately work with voice.

*Function of Bellflower Root (Balloon Flower Root)
 * Bellflower Root (Balloon flower root) is good food to bronchial tubes health.
 * Our Bellflower Root (Balloon flower root) syrup contains many active components such
      as saponin.
 * The effectiveness of saponin is well known as to remove phlegm, stop coughing, lower
      blood sugar and cholesterol as well as good to bronchial tubes.
 * Our customers gave many testimonies for past 10 years that they had excellent effect  in
     curing bronchial tubes system diseases and respiratory organ related diseases like cold, 
     acute &chronic coughs, asthma etc. with Mountain Valley Farm’s Balloon flower root

[Company History]

   October, 2004 :    

Company Profile

Membership: On ECPlaza since 2016
Business Type: Manufacturer
Location: Gangwon-Do, Korea
Product Category: Other Food & Beverage
Main Item / Product: Bellflower Root Srup, Pear Bellflower Root Syrup, Pear Bellflower Root Syrup(Sti
Keywords: Bellflower Root Srup, Pear Bellflower Root Syrup, Pear Bellflower Root Syrup
Main Target Region: World Wide
Representative / CEO's Name: Chang, YONG-Jin
Year Established: 2016

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Mountain Valley Farm C.

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987, Seowon-ro, Seowon-myeon, Hoengseong-gun





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